What is 4WI Digital Wall Painting Media?

4WI Digital Wall Painting Media is a patented smart technology that is water activated and can be applied on all surfaces including even, uneven and rough surfaces.

4WI Digital Wall Painting Media when applied properly merges into the base surface and becomes non removable and Tamper-proof

4WI Digital Wall Painting Media is PVC free and eco friendly.

Changing the face of Out of Home Advertising // Pioneering the 4WI Digital Wall Painting Revolution

4WI Digital Wall Painting Media bridges the gap between end users by reaching their audience in media dark areas.

We also pride ourselves in being the first and only media in the world to be certified PVC Free and Plastic Free Media that can be used for Out of Home Advertising.

PAN India Execution Capabilities


What We Do At Can Image Media Tech?

We at Can Image Media Tech provide a 360 service when it comes to 4WI Digital Wall Painting Media:

  1. In house production of 4WI Digital Wall Painting Media.
  2. In house printing of all creatives.
  3. Dispatch and transportation of creatives on field.
  4. Timely execution of campaign. 


What to expect working with us:

  • Transparency: Clients have the ability to track every print that is applied on field using our 4WI DWP dashboard link. The link comes with lat long, images, google location, address and time and date of each print.
  • Timely campaign completion: With 4WImage DWP Campaign, you can be sure of timely campaign activation, no matter the volume or geographical spread!
  • Phenomenal brand recall: With over one year visibility, you can be assured that your brand is well placed in your target customer’s mindspace
  • Powerful companion in your campaign: 4WImage gives you the last-mile visibility and hammering effect that directly impacts the purchasing decision of your rural consumer
  • Amazing Coverage and spread: With our minute planning, you can be sure of covering all major hot-spots and high footfall areas in Towns or villages. We take special care to ensure prints are not applied in clusters but evenly spread to give you uniform visibility